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Y Mountain Hike


Length: 6.00 miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Estimated Hike Time: 4-6 Hours
Trail Type: Out and Back
Elevation Low: 5,176 feet
Elevation High: 8,522 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 3,346 feet
Optimal Season: Early Spring to Late Fall
Best Access Point: Provo


Moderately strenuous hike popular for both BYU Athletes and Coeds. If you want to escape the crowd continue up past the Y for some beautiful scenery that most people don't see!

Elevation Profile:



Trail Condition:






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Hiking Y Mountain can be very enjoyable, especially after you get past the Y, thus getting past the crowds. There are a few steep spots and the first part of the hike is exposed to the west without any tree cover so afternoon hikes will get warm. Once you reach the canyon, the hike will be totally different as you walk through the forest. The view from the top is well worth the hike.


gps coordinates of trailhead:
40.244842, -111.627229

Driving Directions

Trail Information

The first part of the hike up to the Y is very steep with about 13 switchbacks and a well-maintained, trail. If you can make it to the Y, that's when the trail gets interesting. The trail continues to the south from the top of the Y, and curves around the east face of the mountain through Slide Canyon, gaining elevation the whole time. The scenery will gradually change from a relatively dry, grassy mountainside with the occasional scrub oak, to a luscious scrub oak forest in the canyon. After that, the trail opens up a bit to a green meadow before the trail forks allowing you to choose to hike up to the east or west peak. If you choose the west peak, the trail steepens and the brush becomes much more dense, almost jungle-like, with some heavy patches of stinging nettle (be careful!). After passing through some gorgeous fields of wildflowers, you'll reach the west summit.

From the east side of Y Mount, you will get some pretty good scenic views of the mountains to the east, the most prominent of which is Provo Peak.

Additional information: There is a possibility to see many forms of wildlife. Early morning, and dusk are the best times to see deer and moose, and there's always a possibility of seeing a cougar or a bear! Cougars aren't that common, and if there is one around, chances are it will run away before you even knew it was there. My brother and I actually encountered a black bear our first time hiking Y Mountain! Fortunately, it was more scared of us than we were of it, and it ran away pretty quickly.

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Posted By: James Meyer


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